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Introducing ALTOMAS

ALTOMAS is for today’s men in their fifties, sixties, and seventies who want a more active, youthful lifestyle.

Remember when you were at your best? Now ALTOMAS hGH can help you regain it!

The Natural Way To Increase
Your hGH Levels

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The Miracle Drops That Will Change Your Life
  • Build muscle and get stronger
  • Burn stubborn belly fat
  • Sleep longer and deeper
  • Perform better in the bedroom
  • Eliminate low energy and fatigue
  • Improve your memory and focus
The Elixer Of Youth

Human Growth Hormone (hGH)

“hGH is the incredible youth hormone that raises energy levels and delivers lean muscle, better sleep, younger looking skin and enhanced sexual performance!
For men over 50, the revitalizing effects are perhaps the next best thing to the miraculous waters of the fabled Fountain of Youth!’’

Men’s Fitness Magazine - June, 2019


ALTOMAS is a clinical-grade, 100% plant-based bioceutical for increasing hGH naturally.

Available now without a prescription, ALTOMAS is an all-natural, highly absorbable sublingual liquid you take twice daily.

“I have more energy, more muscle, and I feel 20 years younger!”

Mark J. - Dallas, TX


Natural, safe, and extremely effective, the pure amino extracts in ALTOMAS are hGH precursors that trigger your pituitary gland to naturally increase GH production on its own!

Optimize Your hGH Production

A smart-science innovation, ALTOMAS takes a comprehensive, dual approach to optimize hGH release. The morning and evening components work together over the course of your 24-hour bio-cycle.

Daily Fuel
  • Build muscle and get stronger
  • Shrink fat cells and burn body fat
  • Regain a more youthful appearance
Overnight Rejuvination
  • Sleep longer and deeper
  • Eliminate low energy and fatigue
  • Improve your thinking and memory
“My husband has a six-pack at age 53. Now that is sexy!”

Jamie W.- Sacramento, CA

What You Can Expect


Expect to feel a boost of energy, sharper thinking, and deeper sleep.


Most men report more lean muscle, less fat, and better sex.


Enjoy optimal benefits including fuller, thicker hair and clearer skin.

Don’t Let Age Get The Best Of You.

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Important Safety and Product Information about ALTOMAS

ALTOMAS is manufactured in full compliance with the regulations set forth by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration. The recommended dosage of ALTOMAS is based on a maximal benefit with minimal side effect profile. ALTOMAS has not been shown to interact with medications, but if any undesired side effects occur, discontinue use immediately and contact a medical professional. These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. ALTOMAS is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease and should be taken as part of a healthy lifestyle that includes diet and exercise. To place an order or find out more details regarding ALTOMAS, call 1-800-348-8784 (toll-free) Monday – Friday 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM EST.

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